How To Build A Human Slingshot Ride?

If you have ever used a slingshot as a child, you know how fun these are. You can take a rock, and by pulling back on the cords, you can release it and the rock will fly quite a distance. If you haven’t used one before, you can imagine the general idea of how it works. It’s all about creating a large amount of tension and releasing that tension, causing that object to fly. That’s exactly what you get when you have a human slingshot ride that many people appreciate at carnivals. It’s possible for you to make your own, although it can be a little bit dangerous. Let’s discuss how you will be able to create one or buy one from for yourself.

Human Slingshot Ride
Human Slingshot Ride

What Components Will You Need?

There are only a couple components that are necessary. First of all, let’s take a look at an actual slingshot. There is the handle that you are going to hold. There are the screws where the rubber will be affixed to the handle. There will be two rubber components, one on each side. These are strips of rubber which are quite flexible. Those will connect in the back with what is typically a leather pad. This is what you hold onto once you have loaded the rock. By holding the handle firm, and pulling back with the other hand, once you release the rock it will fly forward. Therefore, you are only going to need a couple separate components to combined together to make a human slingshot ride.

How To Build A Human Slingshot Ride

You are going to need a seat where people will sit. This should be some type of a cage. There should be comfortable seats with restraints to keep everyone from flying out. On top of them, there will be a cage which will be affixed to prevent any type of impact. That is going to be attached to what amounts to bungee cords. These will be pulled tight and released. There is going to be an area where the bungee cords are affixed at the other end. Finally, you need to have some type of railing if it is on the ground for the slingshot cage portion to move forward.

Thrilling Slingshot Ride
Slingshot Ride

Will It Take Long To Construct?

It should not take very long to construct. If you are making this from scratch, there is a lot of welding that you have to go through. After you have done this, you will want to test it out. You will retract the cage, pulling it back as far as it will go, and then allow it to release. Based upon this testing, you can determine if it is safe for humans. You might want to do this several times. After a week, usually no more, you will have everything set up to allow people to try out your

There are likely companies that make these that are professionally designed and constructed. This will ensure the safety of every patron that you will have. This is assuming that you have a carnival park or amusement park where you are going to put these. They are typically modified so that people are not flying through the air. If they are, they will be made to keep everyone safe, even if they are a little bit different. To imagine that you can feel what it’s like to be a rock in a slingshot, this is what keeps people coming back to this type of carnival ride year after year.