Information On Electric Bumper Cars

When at a funfair, you will often see children as well as adults using the popular amusement ride known as the bumper car. These vehicles are usually surrounded by inflatable PVC or rubber and are designed to crash into each other.

Bumper cars for sale for Australia run off electricity and use one of three power-supply systems. These include the ceiling-grid bumper cars that attract currents from a ceiling grid through what is known as a hot-rod. The current drawn is what will drive the motor inside the body of the bumper car. Once the motor has been activated, it will drive wheels that cause them to rotate through belts.

The second type is the floor-grid bumper cars that draw its power from a conductive floor surface. There are conductive brushes situated underneath the vehicle that cover two-strips that are opposite in polarities. This makes sure that there is a completed circuit.

The battery-powered bumper cars, uses batteries that are positioned inside the car to power up the portable amusement rides for sale in Australia. These batteries are dischargeable and rechargeable. When the car is on, the devices inside the body of the bumper car will form complete circuits.

Electric Power Bumper Cars

Ceiling Grid Bumper Cars

Ceiling-grid bumper cars are known as the more common and classic car. In order to operate this system, the cars are set-up to the ceiling-grid along with specialized floors that provide power polarities. The electrical bumper cars for in australia funfair used requires alternating currents.

Ground Grid Bumper Cars

Ground-grid bumper cars are known as the next generation in the dodgem car. These rides do not make use of the ceiling grid, but rather are powered up by a floor-powered grid. These bumper car rides are also known for offering an increased safety grade.

How Electric Bumper Cars Get Power And How They Run

The Conductive Ceiling And Conductive Floor, Hot Rod System

This type of power supply system is the more common as well as traditional, which was highly popular back in the day. This system uses contacts that run from the ceiling to the floor with separated power polarities. The hot rod functions as a type of conductive wire. A completed circuit is achieved when switched on. The bumper cars then draw a current from the grid on the ceiling, and the current runs through the hot rods. This current the powers up the motor inside of each of the bumper cars.

Kids electric bumper car rides

The Conductive Floor System For Floor Grid Bumper Cars

This newer version of bumper cars like in the, uses a specialized floor. This floor consists of three portions. One of these will be the positive-strips, the other negative strips and the last part is known as insulating spacers. The system works on alternating strips that run across the surface of the floor and are separated with the insulating spacers. When the brushes underneath the bumper cars are covering two strips at the same time, a completed circuit is developed. These rides fromĀ derive power from the conductive flooring and the conductive brushes under the cars are powered up by opposite polarities in association to the strips.

Where To Find A Battery Operated Bumper Cars Supplier?

Bumper cars are among the most popular amusement park rides. If you are a park owner or manager, and you don’t have a bumper cars ride, you need to buy some battery bumper cars rides as soon as you can find a reliable supplier. If you don’t know where to start your research from, this article might be exactly what you need. Here are a few ideas of places where you can find a battery operated bumper cars supplier, and what you should be looking for in such a merchant. You can click this link Beston – a top bumper cars manufacturer and supplier in China.

Cheap Battery Bumper Cars
Cheap Battery Bumper Cars

The first thing to do is to search online for amusement park rides vendors. Some of them may have websites and business pages, so you’ll probably find them among the top results. Others choose the easiest option to advertise their products and services, which is to get listed in major business directories. This is the way to go if you want to find someone reliable to supply you the battery operated bumper cars you need. If you want, you can take a look on eBay and Amazon, as some of these suppliers may prefer to list their products on such websites that already enjoy a very good reputation. However, you have to be careful, because not all merchants selling their products on Amazon or eBay are actually trustworthy. Or just click some professional bumper cars manufacturer website, just search:, then click, you can find what you want to buy. You have to undergo your own research before signing any agreement and making any payment. Client reviews and ratings can help you find the best suppliers, and avoid the risk of becoming the victim of fraud. As a general rule, a vendor with excellent ratings coming from hundreds of clients is usually reliable. Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that there may not be that many people seeking to purchase bumper cars. This means you won’t find hundreds of ratings and reviews, so you may need to look for insider information elsewhere.

New Battery Operated Bumper Cars from Beston
New Battery Operated Bumper CarsB

Once you find some companies that offer the type of bumper cars you want, you should contact them to ask them for more details. In addition, ask them to provide you with a few client references. Like this, you’ll be able to find out from their previous clients if they are truly reliable, and if the stuff they sell is really good. Beston is a reliable battery bumper cars supplier in China and exported their battery bumper cars for sale to many countries.

Beston Adult Battery Bumper Cars
Beston Adult Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

As you won’t be able to ask for samples before you buy, it comes without saying that you should ensure your agreement is as good as possible. Hire a lawyer to help you, if needed. Besides, never agree to send upfront payments to anyone. This is one of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make. The best way to proceed is to use an escrow service to handle the transaction. Like this, the seller will have the guarantee that he’s going to get paid, while you’ll have the peace of mind that you won’t pay for something you haven’t seen. The very moment you receive the bumper cars, you can test them, and then approve that the payment goes through.